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Your Sweaty Sis Caught You Red Handed

After a session at the gym, your big sister comes home and your parents are gone! She walks in on you smelling her dirty panties! She can't believe she caught you smelling her panties. Surprised, she tells you that she has been doing this on purpose and wanted her little bro to sniff and masturbate to her smelly panties. She shows you her body and starts to give you a handjob and suck you off a little bit. Your big sis wants to show you how she masturbates to the idea of you finding her panties and grabs a pillow! She starts rubbing her panties and pussy on the pillow. She needs to cum while she tells you how to jerk off. She grabs her vibrator while she's wearing her dirty sweaty gym panties and cums hard at the same time as you cum. When you both hear your parents come home, your sister takes off her panties and gives them to you for the next time you two play again.


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