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AmateurPorn.com is Now APClips.com

Same site, same company, same people, SAME EVERYTHING… NEW NAME :) 

All your logins will remain the same as they were on AmateurPorn.
All your transaction records and content libraries will remain intact. 

Why are we doing this? Here are the reasons…

As AP has grown, the term “Amateur” is no longer an accurate description of many of AP’s content creators, and we did not wish to insult or inaccurately categorize any of our creators in this manner. 

We also realized that the term “Porn” was perhaps not entirely inclusive of and might even be alienating to many creators who did not consider “porn” to be an accurate description of their content, such as creators of softcore erotica, glamour, or non-nude content. 

Additionally, the term “Porn” was not very well-received by services like Gmail when it came to delivering AP email notifications to creators and customers, and was looked at less than favorably by Twitter and IG, with their shadow-banning nonsense and whatnot.

Most importantly, over the past year or so, several AP creators had told us that the AmateurPorn name was “a bit too hard’” to fit well with their own personal brands. When we began asking around, many other content creators in the AP community echoed these sentiments. After taking an informal poll within the AP creator community, the preference for a move to APClips was unequivocal and unanimous. 

Additionally, when we polled 200 random AP customers on the subject, the vast majority voted that they would be more comfortable with a less-explicit more innocuous name. 

Welcome home to APClips! Please let us know if you have any questions. 

- APClips Team