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Natsuki Upskirts n Wedgies DDLC

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Play this super secret download pack for Doki Doki~!! (; In this adorable DLC, you'll get to play games with Natsuki! The first scene is in the classroom, where Natsuki plays games with you on her Switch. She is so cute in her school girl uniform, but she totally doesn't realize that her skirt is tucked into her heart print panties!! You get some awesome upskirts as she reaches for a game to play together, and even closer shots as she sits on the stool and plays you. At the end, she realizes what you've been staring at and gets super embarrassed!! How could you?! In the second scene, Natsuki is with you at the library! You are reading manga together, and you can't resist reaching and flipping her skirt up. At first, Natsuki is embarrassed and angry in her cute, white frilly panties. (Which only makes her cuter...) After picking some manga, she decides to give you a peek, since you're such a pervert~!!! She flashes her ass and her pussy in the super tight little g-string. In the last scene, Natsuki is making tea in the kitchen. You reach for her skirt and reach over, grabbing her panties underneath and pulling them straight up! You make Natsuki squeal and squirm under your wedgie grip, making the panties dig deep into her ass. Embarrassed, and aroused, Natsuki picks her wedgie and inevitably succumbs to the feeling. She gives herself wedgie after wedgie~! What awesome content...


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