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Master's Oni Lover Shuten Douji FGO

Master uses his skills to summon his favourite Assassin, Shute Douji~! But that's not enough, so he summons ANOTHER demon, a great Oni! Shuten Douji can't contain her excitement at the new servant, and she greedily licks him, feeling every delicious ridge deep in her throat~! Master, are you getting horny now? Well, watch as Shuten Douji shoves the enormous servant in her tight little pussy! The oni dildo stretches her apart, and soon she's hungry for real dick too! You give her some head pats and play with her mouth using your fingers before she starts devouring your yummy meat! Shuten Douji rides the Oni dick while pleasing her Master at the same time, enjoying a nice yummy mouth full of semen~!!! I love you, Master Oni~!!


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