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Get My Sister and My Daughter Pregnant Too!

I've invited you over today to share my secret with you. I've been hiding it for awhile now but no longer can. So here it goes....Don't you love the way my body has been filling out? My tits are getting bigger and fuller. My hips are broader. My belly is, well, rather round lol. Yes you guessed it. And I'm so glad that you it was you that impregnated me. And not my husband. You are the greatest lover. I'm getting so horny just thinking about how wonderful you are in bed. Are you ready to fuck this pregnant woman? Let me strip for you and get myself nice and wet with this toy first. Ohhh it is feeling so good. I wish my sister could experience pregnancy and how good it feels. Why don't you seduce her and impregnate her too? And while you are at it my daughter could really use a man like you to take her virginity and impregnate her too. It would be incredible if the three of us were all pregnant at the same time. And since you would have been the one to impregnate us we should all get together in bed for one big love fest! How does that sound to you?


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