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Your Bimbo Boss Feminizes and Enpowers You

All the best parts of the feminizing kink minus the icky stuff. This is a trans friendly feminization fantasy performed by an agender performer. There is no homophobic, transphobic, or misogynistic slurs or dialogue. Its a sexy, light hearted fantasy about your bimbo boss orienting you to your new job where you will be dolled up and dumbed down until you are a beautiful idiot just like your new boss. There's a strict new glitzy dress code that you'll be expected to adhere to and of course your body will transform into your personal bimbo body ideal. This feminization is never inherently gendered- your "before" is never  fleshed out in order to be inclusive to all AND the feminization is never presented as a humiliation or a dishonor. There's no devaluation of femininity or femme folks in general. if this approach to feminzation fetish resonates you, please do keep an eye on my content. This is a theme I plan to return to often. 


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