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Spaced out drooling bimbo trains throat

thoughts are useless

not for me

just be what i'm told to be

cute bimbos should be real loud

moaning, sucking, slutty, proud.

I'm dropped down so deep. Glazed over, swaying on my feet. Unable to think. I'm just a toy, just a plaything. My pussy and mouth water with need. I drool copiously. It hangs in ropes from my glistening parted bimbo lips. I blow bubbles with it and play with it. 

Head empty; good

mouth empty; bad

I try to slake my desperate need to suck cock by training my wet slutty throat with a dildo as pink as my cotton candy brain. I take it so deep I gag but I just keep on fucking my throat and drooling like a dumb slut the entire time. 


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