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Accidental Squirt Dirtying Thong for Fan

You ordered socks and a thong from my store, so I have been wearing the socks and thong all day. My thong is so wet already, but I want them to be nice and dirty for you so why not panty stuffing? I start with the thong on using my vibrator on my clit through the thong, but quickly after I start I stuff them into my tight pussy spreading it for you to see the panties in my tight hole. I then use my favorite vibrator on my clit for awhile then I pull the thong out just a little so you can see them then I use the vibrator on my clit until I cum. I pull them out, but I am so excited I quickly stuff almost all of the thong back in so I can cum on them more. I use the vibrator again and it's getting really intense I am about to cum and then as I am cumming I start squirting. I am so shocked and excited I stuff the thong back in AGAIN using the vibrator more then as I am going to cum AGAIN I pull the thong out I squirt a-lot more!! I am quite shocked as I was not planning on squirting. My feet are right up close to the camera the whole time so you get a perfect view of my socks. Usually when I make squirting videos I have the angle further away so you are able to see the squirt stream better, but this squirt was defiantly not planned. If you look close you can see my squirt stream get all over my socks. At the end I get up and show you my mess.


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