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When Cheating, You Have to Keep It Quiet

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A guy has found out that Ms Paris has been cheating on her husband and confronts her. He agrees not to tell anyone, but she has to do some things for him. First he wants to see her tits, then it's her pussy with no panties on, then he wants her to strip completely. She takes him to her bedroom, strips completely naked and now she has to lay on the bed as he fingers her pussy till she has a squirting orgasm. Next, he gets her to give him a blowjob, fuck her on the side of the bed and shoots his cum on her pussy. She had to do whatever it took to keep the secret a secret. For exclusive content of Ms Paris and all her sexy friends, visit our websites at www.MsParisandFriends.com and www.TampaHousewives.com


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