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Mommy/Son Birthday

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Today is the birthday of Mommy's son and he's just sitting around the house doing nothing. Mommy is horny as usual and starts giving upskirt shots of her pink panties as she irons or just sits around talking. She calls her son in her bedroom to give him a choice of one of the her 3 pair of pink panties as a birthday gift because she knows he uses them to jerk off in. He chooses the pair she is wearing so she takes them off and next her dress comes off too with an offer he can jerk off looking at her pussy. He starts to jerk off but moves in closer and sticks his cock in despite Mommy's objections. She knows it's wrong, but she is really enjoying it too. After she has multiple orgasms, he leaves her a messy creampie and he has a happy birthday after all. For exclusive content of Ms Paris and all her friends, visit our website at: www.msparisandfriends.com


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