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A Guy Gets His Own Party with Ms Paris

She looks stunning, dancing all alone at a house party. He asks he to dance with him but she's just not having that. She takes a break and he approaches her again just to get told again, there's just no way and excuses herself to go to the bathroom. When she returns, she seems different and goes out to dance with a little more bump and grind. The third time he asks she gets all slutty and shows off her tits and ass in her thong so he makes his more. He asks her to slip into the bedroom, they close the door and she starts a striptease lap dance. Next she gives him a blowjob, takes off her panties, spreads her ass cheeks and says "come get some". He fucks her doggy, then she lays on her back, has 2 loud orgasms and he creampies her pussy which she gapes open to show it off. For exclusive content of Ms Paris and all her sexy friends, visit our websites at www.MsParisandFriends.com and www.TampaHousewives.com


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