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2021 Costume Contest
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Medusa Costume by Vivian Cox. Vote, or be turned to stone! All paid votes will be generously rewarded!!

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Big Bad Bully Finds Me Gardening video from
Big Bad Bully Finds Me Gardening Vivian is out in her yard gardening when Bully Jake shows up at her house looking to smack her step-son around but cannot find him.... He finds Vivian though and sneaks a few peeks of her ass while she's bent over the garden without her noticing. Jake says "Hey, why don't you come over here...", Vivian walks over to him on the side of the house where Jake makes her kneel down and suck his dick behind the bushes. "We have to be quiet" Vivian says... Her husband is just inside the house un-aware of what is going on outside. Bully Jake starts face fucking Vivian, and on the verge of losing his load, Vivian takes her mouth off of his dick in fear of getting caught! He invites Vivian to come over to his house later that night so they can continue their taboo sexual relationship. Later that night Vivian sneaks away from her house, telling her husband that she's going out for a night with the girls. But instead Vivian drives over to Bully Jake's house where she finds Jake laying on his bed, playing with his dick while watching an older porn video that they had created together a few weeks ago "Fucking My Son's Bully POV". She climbs up on the bed and begins sucking and deepthroating his cock with her HOT red lipstick on, while also sucking on his balls.... His dick is HUGE! Bully Jake instructs Vivian to climb up on his hard cock and ride it. She rides his cock with joy, fucking it hard with her tits and pearl necklace hitting the camera lens! Following a nice cock ride, he instructs Vivian to bend over so he can fuck her doggy style.... Vivian follows the bullies instructions and bends over with her big juicy ass in the air, ass cheeks spread ready for him to stick it in. He sticks his big hard cock in her wet juicy pussy, sliding it in and out nice and slow before ramming her while pulling her hair!! Last, Bully Jake instructs Vivian to lay on her back and fucks her while holding her leg up in the air until he unloads a massive amount of cum on Vivian, giving her a fresh pearl necklace!!
Fucking My Assistant Photographer Custom video from
Fucking My Assistant Photographer Custom A custom video directed by one of our fans, thank you! Vivian's assistant photographer is waiting for the female model to show up for a scheduled photo shoot so he can take some HOT sexy pussy spread pictures for Vivian's nude female model magazine. Little does he know that Vivian has actually sent the scheduled model off site to do an exclusive shoot somewhere else, so Vivian decides to fill in as the model for this shoot! Her assistant photographer is not quite sure what to think about that... Vivian is his boss and he has never seen her naked before! Vivian takes off her coat and lays back on the couch wearing her sexy little black dress and black high heels. The photographer begins to takes some pictures of her in some different poses while spreading her pussy... She thinks the pictures may look even better if her pussy is a bit wetter, so she invites him to come lick her pussy! He is a little hesitant at first because they know each other well and Vivian is his boss, but he's never done anything sexually with her before!! He kneels down as he begins to suck on Vivian's clit and lick her pussy, sticking his tongue deep inside... It's looking VERY wet now! The photographer steps back and snaps a few more pictures of Vivian, while she spreads her wet pussy lips wide. As he is taking pictures Vivian notices that his cock is getting hard within his shorts... she says "Why don't you come a little closer..." as she feels the large bulge within his shorts. She pulls off his shorts and begins to massage his big cock with her hand as he begins to finger her pussy... He needs just a few more pictures of Vivian so he steps back once again and snaps a few more pictures of Vivian putting her fingers in her own pussy and licking the sweet pussy juice off of her finger! Vivian tells him "Come fuck me!" and just like a good assistant he approaches her wet pussy with his big cock then sticks it in. With Vivian's high heels in the air he slides his cock back and forth in her juicy pussy nice and easy.... The action intensifies as he sticks his finger in her mouth and hand around her throat, pounding her pussy over and over, unloading his nuts all over her face and in her hair!
Mommy Catches Son with a Sex Doll Custom video from
Mommy Catches Son with a Sex Doll Custom A custom video directed by one of our fans, thank you!! What mommy doesn't know is that her son gets really horny when he sees mommy dressed in her sexy aprons when she cooks dinner for him. Mommy comes home to find her son has bought a realistic sex doll and has dressed her to look exactly like his mommy; Long black hair, green eyes and a sexy apron! He fantasizes about being sexual with mommy by playing with the sex doll while talking, kissing, fondling and fingering the doll just like he would like to do to mommy. Mommy is SHOCKED at what she see's when she comes home. When she walks in he does not see her. She walks up to him from behind and taps him on the shoulder, "Excuse me...!" she says. He is startled and tries to make up a lame excuse as to why he bought the sex doll. At first, mommy is kind of mad but then feels sorry for him..."Sweetheart you do not need a doll to have mommy...". Mommy takes off her clothes and dresses herself in a sexy apron then tells her son "Why don't you come over here and give mommy a kiss!". They start kissing before she asks him to suck on her nipple and then as she sits down on the chair she tells him "Why don't you lick mommy's pussy?!?". He's never tasted mommy's sweet pussy before! He begins licking her sweet pussy, enjoying every second of it as she instructs him to suck on her clit. He's making mommy SO HORNY! He licks and sucks on her pussy then comes up to give mommy another kiss, sharing the sweet pussy juice between their lips. Mommy is REALLY enjoying this!! Mommy says "Why don't you bring me that big beautiful cock of yours...". Mommy puts her hair back in a pony tail as she prepares to suck on his big cock. She sensually sucks his cock "I can feel you growing in my mouth", she says. With his cock filling her mouth, she tells him "Now sit down so mommy can ride that cock!" as she straddles his legs and sits down on his cock fucking him and grinding on his hard cock. "Mommy likes your cock.... yeah.... spank mommy!". The sex continues as the doll watches mommy and son fuck. Mommy stands up, then bends over the chair for him to stick his cock in again! He sticks his big hard cock back in her wet pussy and stands her up as they fuck while standing, mommy with one leg up on the chair. Dripping sweat, cock pulsing and balls ready to explode, he lays mommy on her back across the chair as he rams her with his cock while sensually kissing her as if they are in love then unloads a HUGE load which ends up hitting her face and landing all over her apron. "Ohhhh, I got your apron messy" he says. "Yeah you did!" says mommy.
Sucking My Stepson Custom Video video from
Sucking My Stepson Custom Video A custom video directed by one of our fans, thank you!! Vivian’s stepson got kicked in the groin during his basketball game. When he gets home he finds the house empty so he decides to grab an ice pack and his favorite dirty magazine to try and relax. Stepmom Vivian comes home from shopping finding her stepson resting on the couch with only his jockstrap on, cock peeking out, and a dirty magazine lying on his chest. Initially this makes Vivian angry because she really needed help carrying in shopping bags and nobody came to help her, but it turns out that the sight of his cute little cock peeking at her actually kind of turns her on! With stepson still resting she begins to admire the looks of his cock. Beginning to feel a little horny Vivian wakes her stepson up by shaking his shoulder angrily asks “What the hell are you doing??” Stepson ditches the dirty magazine quickly and begins to frantically shuffle around looking for his basketball shorts, “ummmmm, uhhhhhh.... I got kicked in the groin at my basketball game which made my balls swell so I was just trying to relax and see if I could get the swelling to go down.” Vivian says “Ohhhhh, I see! Well that is no excuse for looking at dirty magazines, now get over here and take your punishment!!”. Stepson bends over Vivians lap, and then Vivian gives him a few spanks while also admiring / squeezing butt cheeks. Vivian says “Oh I’m sorry, was that a bit too hard?” and gives a couple kisses on stepsons butt cheeks. Vivian says “Now stand up and let me examine your groin injury to see what step-mommy can do.” Vivian begins to feel the bulging jockstrap, beginning to admire how big stepsons bulge is demanding further to let her see stepsons groin injury and pulls down his jockstrap. “Oh WOW”, Vivian says “Look at those swollen balls, let me begin by examining those!” Vivian begins to gently massage his balls with her hand tongue, “How does that feel?” she says. “That seems to be helping; I haven’t had a girlfriend or masturbated for like 8 months so I am sure they could use a good draining. That’s why I had the dirty magazine out but it was hurting too bad so I couldn’t masturbate!” stepson says. Surprised at how big his limp cock is, she says “Now the next thing I will check is to make sure your cock can still grow.” Vivian grabs a ruler lying near by and measures his limp cock, announcing verbally how big it is. “Now let’s see how big it gets”, she says. Vivian begins to lick and suck on his cock and balls, until it is super hard. Vivian measures his hard cock with a ruler, announcing verbally how big it is, surprised at how large it grew!! Vivian tells stepson to sit down on the couch, and she sits down next to him giving him a passionate kiss before continuing to suck on his cock a bit more. With his cock throbbing, Vivian lies down on her back on the couch; lifting her skirt, spreading her legs and pulling her panties to the side and tells stepson “Now it’s my turn, lick it!”. Stepson begins to lick Vivian’s juicy pussy to get it nice and wet before sticking his huge cock in and fucking her. He fucks her juicy pussy good before sitting back on the couch while Vivian begins to ride his huge cock reverse cowgirl. She rides his cock until he’s ready to unload his swollen nuts and relieve the pressure, but not so fast! Vivian bends over while her stepson sticks his big cock back in and fucks her doggystyle. His nuts are soooo swollen.... he needs the pressure relief... Vivian gets down on her knees and takes his huge load all over her pretty face and in her hair. His load is SO HUGE, half of it shoots over Vivian's head and onto the floor!
Happy Birthday to My Stepson Custom video from
Happy Birthday to My Stepson Custom A custom video directed by one of our fans, thank you! Vivian is sorting through the dirty laundry and finds her stepsons dirty jockstrap, still smelling like the sex they had a few weeks ago when he came home injured from his basketball game in the “Sucking my Stepson” video. Vivian daydreams about that day a lot and it makes her horny every time! It’s her stepsons Birthday so Vivian decides to get him a new jockstrap and a new camera as a gift. She would love to see him try on that new jockstrap, his butt cheeks look sooooo cute in a jockstrap!! Plus she needs to take a few photos of him and ask if he would like to be a model on her new CFNM website, and maybe do a taboo scene with step mommy. She asks her stepson if that would be something he’s interested in… The sounds of that really excites the stepson, he’d love to do that! Vivian snaps a few pictures of him in his new jockstrap, then pulls off his jockstrap and snaps a few more pictures. She also wants a few pictures of him with his cock semi hard, so she starts sucking on it! She steps back and snaps the rest of the photos she needs for the website. With the birthday gift opened and the photo shoot complete, the only thing that’s left is to have some birthday cake!! But oh no, Vivian forgot the birthday cake…. That’s ok because she’s got something sweeter for him to eat!!! Vivian tells him to lay down on the stool so she can give him his birthday treat, she straddles his face and starts rubbing her pussy on his tongue. She’s so horny and her pussy is getting so wet! Vivian starts to think about having that huge cock inside her again…. She gets up and they share the sweetness of Vivian’s pussy with a sexy kiss. Vivian puts his cock back in her mouth for a nice sloppy blow job to get him hard before he fucks her! With his cock throbbing in her mouth, she asks if he would like to fuck her…. Ummmmm YES!!! He bends her over the stool and sticks his hard cock in her juicy pussy, fucking it slow at first then harder and harder up until he pulls out and unloads a huge cum shot all over her face for a cumshot facial! What a great birthday!!!
Eating my Stepsons Cock for Dinner POV video from
Eating my Stepsons Cock for Dinner POV A custom video directed by one of our fans, thank you! Vivian is in the kitchen cooking and talking to her stepson about how his basketball practice went... She sees her stepson is horny and rubbing his cock though his shorts while she is talking to him. It is pretty normal for him to get horny at the site of her sexy ass standing in the kitchen, she does service his cock every now and then. Whenever Vivian sees that he is horny she doesn't mind helping out and servicing his cock like a good stepmom would! She walks over and sees his slightly hard cock peeking out of the bottom leg of his shorts, she starts kissing and licking the head before pulling his shorts off and giving him a full oral servicing by sucking on his HUGE cock and balls. Vivian leads him over to the lounge chair and bends over it telling him to fuck her... He does exactly as he is told just like a good stepson should! He sticks his huge cock inside her sweet pussy and begins to fuck her as she's is bent over the chair and still talking about the day asking "What should we get for take out, I may not have time to cook dinner now!". He pulls out and has her lay in the lounge chair, then sticks his cock back in fucking her pussy while pulling out every once in a while to tickle her clit with the head of his cock. Vivian's pussy is soooo wet! She stands back up to bend back over the chair so her stepson can finish up his business... and he does unloading a huge shot of cum all over her sweet ass cheeks. Filmed in POV (point of view perspective). A role play video by Nicholas Cox and Vivian Cox.
Sucking Off My Son's Bully Custom video from
Sucking Off My Son's Bully Custom A custom video directed by one of our fans, thank you! Vivian’s son has been bullied lately by a big bad bully named Jake. Jake has come over to the house a few times looking to bully her son, so Vivian has got to know Jake a little bit and thinks he’s actually kind of sexy! Following Vivian’s recent divorce Jake has also become quite a bit of the handyman around the house, coming over to fix things if Vivian ever needs help. Vivian decided since he’s always coming over for one reason or the other that he should go ahead and have a key to the house so he can come over whenever he wants to do handyman work or slap her son around. Vivian doesn’t mind that Jake is such a bully; she likes it when he comes over to the house looking for her son to bully around and doesn’t find him, because when her son isn’t home to get bullied she gets to be the one he bullies…. With his huge cock! Jake shows up at the house looking for Vivian’s son to slap around but he’s not home so Jake decides to cuckold him. Jake video calls Vivian’s son to let him see how he bullies Vivian with his cock!! Vivian welcomes him into the house, leads him over to the chair, sits down and begins unbuttoning his jeans and rubbing the bulge in his boxer shorts. Vivian looks at her son on the video call and says “It’s totally OK that Jake came over, I love sucking his big cock…. Aren’t you proud of mommy”! She continues to suck his cock while her son watches and asks Jake to have a seat on the chair…. She continues her sloppy blowjob, sucking on his balls, spitting and rubbing on his huge shaft before hitting his cock all over her face and lips while making sure her son is proud of letting Jake bully her instead of him. He stands up and begins to face fuck her until he provides her with a nice facial covering of hot jizz!!
Cheating Wife Fucks Her Masseur After Massage video from
Cheating Wife Fucks Her Masseur After Massage Vivian Cox comes home from a long fun morning on her paddle board, but her muscles are very sore from all that paddling... She recalls that her friend Kim mentioned a really good, and cute, masseur. She gives him a call to setup an appointment, but it seems he's booked for the day... Vivian REALLY needs this massage... She asks him if he may be able to stay after closing and give her a massage if she pays him a bit extra?!?? He accepts and asks her to be there at 8pm, just after his last client for the day leaves. Vivian recalls her friend mentioning how cute the masseur was.... but Vivian is married.... She decides to leave her wedding rings at home!! Vivian arrives at the massage parlor. The masseur greets her and asks her to go ahead and get comfortable on the massage table as he walks out to give her some privacy to undress. Vivian undresses down to her panties and gets comfortable on the massage table. The masseur comes in and begins to work her sore muscles with his magical hands! The massage gets a bit hotter when he begins to massage her ass and notices how HOT she is... His big cock begins to grow inside his pants! He works his magical hands around her body, moves close to her face to massage her shoulders when Vivian notices the bulge in his pants. She begins to feel his hardening cock on top of his pants then pulls it out and begins to suck on it.... While she's sucking his cock the masseur notices that Vivian has such cute little sexy feet that he'd like to massage... with his cock! Vivian turns around on the table while the masseur oils up her feet and begins to massage them with his big oiled up cock. The footjob is REALLY making the masseur horny! He tells Vivian "It looks like you're ready to be fucked....", she replies "Yeah? You wanna fuck me??". With her panties still on, the masseur has Vivian sit up on the table while he begins to massage, finger bang and fuck her sweet pussy. Vivian stands up, takes her panties off then lays back on the massage table as the masseur continues to finger bang her pussy, making her squirt all over the massage table! With Vivian's pussy is dripping wet he sticks his cock in and starts fucking her as she lays on the table.... Vivian stands up and bends over the massage table as the masseur once again lays his big cock inside of her dripping wet pussy fucking her standing doggy style as he shoves her panties inside her mouth and uses them to bind her wrists behind her back as they continue to fuck. Vivian just can't get enough of his cock! They move to the chair as Vivian jumps on top of him to ride his hard cock, grinding her pussy and fucking him harder and harder. Feeling on the verge of a cum explosion the masseur picks her up as they stand up, bending Vivian over the chair fucking her nice and rough unloading his balls all over her ass cheeks. He grabs a hand towel and gently cleans off his jizz from her ass, as he gently spanks her with her panties before handing them back to her. Vivian says "You have a NICE cock.... Thank you!". The masseur says "Until next time...Next week huh?". Vivian says "Yeah! 9 O'Clock? ... Same time?".... the masseur replies "Book it!".

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