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Fathom's Facial

photo of MissLoLoMissLoLo

8:01 | Added 1 year ago

26.5 inch tentacle dildo!! 8+ minutes creampie and facial. I sit in a bath tub enjoying my naked body & rubbing and bouncing my huge wet boobs while eyeing you playfully. I begin to show off my big PAWG ass to you by shaking it, twerking, spanking it, and spreading my cheeks. All of a sudden a pink tentacle monster rises out of the depths of the water to assault my mouth! I'm shocked at first but then I give in to it. I begin to suck and stroke the long tentacle while squeezing it between my tits. The monster's name is Fathom and it's ready to fuck me now. I take as much of it's length as I can, giving you a rear end view from behind. I ride Fathom until I get creampied. I then turn around facing you to ride and get creampied again! Video ends with me sucking the cum off Fathom and receiving a grand finale facial.


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