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Kyle takes me deep, using a long dreamy induction that takes me deeper and deeper everytime he snaps his fingers. I'm completely entranced and subservient to him. He gives me a touchless orgasm - "mindgasm" so that my eyes roll back while I'm listless and unable to move. He brings me back up, and has me put spiral contacts in (off camera). Everytime he snaps his fingers my pussy pulses. He puts me back under with a simple trigger word, and has me mindlessly repeat that I am all his. Then he puts on some music and has me strip for him like a mindless doll, unable to do anything but obey. Once I'm completely naked he makes me cum without touching over and over.. it feels like his cock is inside me. Once I cum the last part of my resistance is drained away. He keeps working on mesmerizing me to associate smoking with pleasure - the word smoking will make me feel pleasure. As I act out taking a drag off a cigarette it feels like he's really fucking me, and every exhale I lose all resistance and negative thoughts about smoking. Then he gives me a freeze trigger word and also tells me whenever I look in a mirror at my own eyes I will freeze and cum. And wakes me up ..and immediately uses the trigger. He repeatedly freezes my entire body and makes me cum while frozen completely stiff. He freezes me while I'm trying to sip water, then makes me look at myself in the mirror. After watching me lose control that way, he puts me back under and tells me I am stuck frozen from the neck down. He wakes me up and I'm confused that I'm naked and cannot move. He gives me a trigger to cum and as I cum, the orgasms make me get a big mindless smile. I have an itch on my nose I can't scratch.. :( Next he has me sit in front of the mirror, facing myself and as I stare into the spiral I'm frozen stiff.. mesmerized by my own eyes with pleasure rising through me but unable to cum until he gives me permission. When he finally lets me cum I'm able to move again, but he leaves the trigger to cum whenever I look into my own blank eyes. The contacts come out at this point (off camera) and my eyes go back to normal. Kyle puts me back into trance, and adds a trigger that whenever I touch my water glass I'll start orgasming. Everytime I'm awake his voice is mesmerizing and arousing, and everytime he tells me to think of him I'll cum. He wakes me and tells me to get a sip of water... and you can imagine what happens. Then He makes me stand and look in the mirror - I'm giggly but obedient and the orgasm nearly makes me fall over it's so intense. He has me go back to the water, and try to take a sip..... I orgasm trying to put the water to my mouth and spill it all over myself as I lose control and cum. After more happy orgasms, I keep giggling and cumming and getting more and more into his voice. Finally he suggests we have a little 'fun' and send a snap to my friend Fuuka without telling her whats going on and show her what Kyle has done to me. I take a quick video and he puts me under and has me record a sexy mindless message telling her I'm having so much fun and kyle says hi. Then he wakes me up as I record and he makes me take a sip as I cum so hard one more time.. I cum so hard as the recording ends and he tells me to send it to her. This is where I cut the session off as the rest was simply him waking me up and waiting to see what Fuuka said. Can you guess?


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