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Special Guest

Popular Streamer, Sasha (played by Fuuka Doll) is known for mesmerizing the guests who appear on her show. Charlotte (played by Lacey Royce) is a first-time guest and is very skeptical. After goading Sasha into “proving” her skills, Charlotte opens her eyes and reveals she is actually an undercover reporter and she’s exposing this as a scam. Sasha immediately cuts to a sponsored ad break for “Mesmo-soft”. Charlotte’s monitors suddenly become spirals and she’s instantly mesmerized. Now she’s completely under Sasha’s control. Just in time for a premium show, where the chat room will be able to give her commands.

The chat room has fun making Sasha do all manner of embarrassing things. They make her walk around like a zombie, turn her into a chicken, make her feel like she’s being tickled mercilessly, make her compulsively touch her breasts, repeat mantras and finally strip naked for the room. Under the hoodie and pants, she’s hiding a surprise lingerie outfit! Once nude she’s made to twirl and pose as a ballerina, wake and drop herself accidentally over and over, and become a puppy! Eventually, she breaks out of their control but Sasha quickly starts up the spirals again and Charlotte cannot resist.

Normally guests are released after the show but because Charlotte is such a threat, she’ll need to stay under Sasha’s control. They finish the premium show as she mindlessly touches herself, permanently conditioning and breaking her mind even further for Sasha and her chat room.


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