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My Roommate Is A Secret Cockstealer

Lacey arrives home gleefully holding her latest trophy. She is admiring it, when she realizes her roommate Scarlet is masturbating on the living room couch. Instead of leaving, she immediately starts asking questions. She wants to know what is on the laptop that her roommate is looking at. When she finally gets a peek.. she's surprised to find Penectomy porn! Of course, she's surprised, because she's fairly sure that no one knows her secret. She digs further and asks if her roommate has heard the news story about the woman. Turns out, Scarlet has the news story up and has been reading it while she masturbated!
Lacey decides this is her moment and begins asking lots of questions about chopping off her cock for real. She teases, getting more and more worked up talking about actually going through with it. Lacey reveals her secret.. her last trophy, the last cock she took from some helpless man.
She promises that she wouldn't do anything without her roommate's permission, she only steals the cocks of strangers. But if Scarlet wants to consent.. she would be happy to oblige. Lacey pulls out her cock, and examines it, touching it and talking more about what it would really mean to give up her cock. She explains she makes dildos out of them, and what an honor that would be to have her cock become a toy for pleasure.
They make a bargain. Lacey agrees to give her roommate one last night of pleasure and the biggest orgasm ever and then in return, after that, she must surrender her cock.
Things move to the bedroom. Lacey slowly seduces, the last trophy lying on the bed as she strips, sucks, and teases Scarlet's hard cock, including a long tit job before climbing on top and riding until Scarlet can't hold back anymore and has to cum.
Then it's done, it's too late for regrets. Lacey will exact her end of the bargain. With surgical precision, she slowly separates the cock from the balls and removes it. All while her roommate watches, fully awake and aware.

*Notes - This video was a very special custom. It uses female pronouns for the POV roommate, named Scarlet. All penectomy fans will enjoy this video but it may have extra appeal for anyone who uses female pronouns and fantasizes about penectomy.


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