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Mommy and Son Self Care Night

Mommy is settling in with her tea for a nice self care night, and you tell her you wanted to spend some time with her. She explains that when she said self care, she was really meaning some .. alone time for herself. Still confused? She explains a little more and you ask to see what she means. She's curious to see what you think, so she leans back and shows you how she likes to touch herself - talking you through her 'self care' routine. She tells you how she likes to be touched, and how to make her pussy feel good. She fingers herself a bit then grabs a toy from the nightstand. As she gets more heated, she wants to watch something sexy and encourages you to stroke while you watch her. It's not wrong if you're not touching is it? You're just watching each other. As she gets wetter and wetter she wants you to taste her juices and feeds them to you off her fingers. Watching you stroke and cum turns her on so much she squirts so much it even gets on you. You're such a mess now, she wants to clean you up. She tells you to ask her to take care of you. You take care of each other don't you? Why don't you get in the bed, and Mommy can take care of you with her mouth. I mean, self care is nice but it's so much better when you take care of each other!


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