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Inspectors Folly

Lacey is a beautiful curvy serial widow and you’re a police inspector investigating her most recent husband's untimely demise. You arrive to interrogate her after discovering new evidence. She surprises you by admitting everything and begins to seduce you. Her big breasts hanging in your face, she starts stripping down showing off her curvy body and making it hard to concentrate. As she takes off her panties, she suggests a game where she’ll tie you up with the panties and promises to confess every detail of her crimes to you. As she straddles you and begins to confess, you start to realize how much peril you’re in. As she laughs and taunts you, she explains her late husband was obsessed with her big breasts and loved it when she smothered him with them. After that it was easy to convince him to take it a step further and put his head in a bag for her. Men are so stupid for tits.. Would you like her to show you? As she begins smothering you and taunting you with her huge tits, she lets you breathe to confess more and more of her secrets, riding you faster each time. It gets harder and harder to breathe, as she keeps cutting off the oxygen to your brain with her huge tits. She encourages you to cum inside her, but tells you this will be your last breath. As the intensity builds and you cum inside her, your vision goes black…

Once she’s done with you, the calculating black widow checks your pupil dilation to be sure you’re gone, then leaves to make her escape.


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