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In The Dog House

You're in the doghouse again! This time because you didn't take out the trash and the dog got into it and made a huge mess. I'm NOT happy with the way you never do any of the things you say you're going to do around the house. You promise you'll be better, so we'll see... Later on, when you've done the chores you said you would, and I've had a chance to notice that, I'm feeling in a much better mood. When you keep your girl happy, she'll keep you happy, right? I strip off for you and lay back and let you watch me get off. I know you love watching me pleasure myself like this with my fingers. When I'm done, I'm in such a good mood that I'll ask you to come clean me up.. with your mouth. You'll get lots of hot close-ups of my wet pussy as you lick me.

**Video uses the name Ruben once at the start.


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