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Daddy's Dirty Secret

Lacey arrives home from a school trip earlier than expected and catches you in her room, doing something very inappropriate with her panties! At first, she's shocked, but then flattered and a little bit curious. She admits she likes the attention. Then she notices you have pics of her in a skimpy bikini on your phone! You've been a very bad Daddy.. but she wants to know more. Peeking under the sheet to find your hard cock, she encourages you to stroke it in front of her while she confesses all sorts of dirty secrets to you. She tells you she's been shoplifting lingerie, wearing under her uniform, dressing for attention, and fucking boys at school but that she really wants your big cock. She thinks about you while she has sex! You know this is wrong but you can't resist as she seduces you, stripping down and begging for your big cock inside her. She rides you, and it hurts at first but once she's used to it she starts bouncing away on your hard cock. Her tight pussy feels so good and her curvy thick body is making you lose control. She's begging for you to cum inside her without protection. You make her promise to be your little whore, to send you nudes and dress up for you. She's so horny it's like she's in heat, she'll say yes and submit to whatever you want - she just desperately needs you to cum deep in her pussy. She wants you to knock her up, and breed her! It's so fucked up but that just makes you want to even more. As you both cum, you give her the biggest creampie. She leans back afterward to show you a close-up of her well fucked pussy leaking your cum, before sliding her panties back on and talking about how she's going to walk around all day with her Daddy's filthy cum in her slutty pussy.

This clip is a solo clip shot POV style, with Daddy's responses on screen as text.


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