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Copy Cat Step-Sisters Frozen, Brain-Fried and Puppyfied!

Fuuka and Lacey are getting ready to go to the pool but get very annoyed when they realize they’re BOTH wearing Pokemon bikinis! As they yell at each other a magical PING sound is heard and a flash of light fills the room and they become completely frozen. The flash happens again and they stay frozen but their faces suddenly become happy! Then again - this time they unfreeze but their brains have been scrambled and they’re suddenly so turned on and have become dumb giggly horny bimbos. They know it’s wrong but they tear the bikinis off and start making out! But the Light continues to flash - each time something different happens! Sometimes one will freeze, while the other stays unfrozen, and then one of them turns Fuuka into a submissive puppy! Lacey has so much fun with her puppy, freezing and unfreezing her in various positions before she rolls her over while frozen and uses a toy to make her squirt. As she squirts the light flashes one more time and lacey is left with squirt dripping off her, both of them completely stuck!

**Please note, the camera and audio quality has a few moments of inconsistency and lower quality due to some filming issues, MOST of it is good quality. Please watch the preview before purchasing**


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