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The Cheating Girlfriend

photo of Miss EllieMiss Ellie

16:42 | Added 2 days ago

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We've just met and I brought you back to my place to hang out, but I can't do anything sexual because I have a boyfriend (although, I really, really want to). You start asking me seductive and naughty questions which make my pussy wet at the thought of you cumming inside of me. Until you asked me, you had no idea that I used to be a massive slut... especially for getting my womb coated in jizz.
You ask to see my boobs, which I reluctantly deny multiple times before finally taking off my shirt and revealing my small and perky breasts.
You ask to see my pussy, and I know it's cute and tight, I can't help but show it off. Finally, you ask to finger me and I allow it (POV allowing you to get the full experience).
After this, the demon is unleashed and I've decided that I can't help but beg for your dick to squirt semen inside of me...


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