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Mom fucks better than your wife

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I walk into the room unexpectedly wearing something very slutty - where you and your wife sit. My son, remember when I used to catch you jacking off to my smelly panties? How about we reenact that and you go ahead and sniff this thong that's been up my ass all day. I know you really like the way my ass smells and I can see that it's turning you on, so I turn around and spread for you so you can get a treat - a nice deep whiff of my asshole.
Finally, I know you're rock solid for your own mother and I can't resist. I've always wanted to fuck you and now, especially in front of your wife. I want to show her how a real woman fucks. I do things that she won't do. Mommy does it better, son. Once you're homewrecked officially, you'll see.


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