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Ellie's Recipe for Ass Cookies

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photo of Miss EllieMiss Ellie

26:41 | Added 2 years ago

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This video is a little bit of everything, but definitely for anal lovers! Narrating through most of the video, I keep the viewer updated on what we are doing to make our ass cookies. I prepare the dough and stir it, letting you watch my ass jiggle. I spank myself with a spatula, then fuck my ass with it. Attempt two, but that doesnt really work out, so I stick with one and lick the yummy ass juices it collects. I use a banana to gape my ass bigger to get it ready for the cookie dough! The dough is ready to be stuffed, frozen and firm, and I shove it all in my asshole and then push it out. Best part is, I made the cookies out of the dough I stuffed ;) I also use a few candies to insert and push out, for added pleasure (for myself ;) ). The whole movie tells a story about making cookies I shove in my ass. I hope you enjoy.


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