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Desperate Toilet Tramp

photo of Miss EllieMiss Ellie

44:08 | Added 19 days ago

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Your GF is out of town and you hit me up for the night. Of course, you had to have known how much I like you... I'm so desperate for you, I'll do anything for you. And you have a few requests. One thing turns to another and next thing I know, I'm on my knees begging for your piss in my mouth. Asking for your sweaty balls to drag across my face and make me smell like you for weeks.
I'm truly desperate. I open my asshole literally bigger than I've ever gone before. I just want to please you. I call you master and sir throughout the video because now, I'm yours. Just like that and you've got me hooked.
I'll push all the limits with you. Toilet talk is a major understatement here. Toilet talk is basically the main focus of this film.


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