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Cum in Your Slutty Little Sister

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I walk into my room to find you sniffing my dirty gym panties and whacking off... just as I'm about to walk off in dismay and tell our parents, you remind me of the dirty secret you have on me... You remind me that I have to do anything you tell me, or else, you'll tell them my secrets.
First, you have me strip down and tease you with my ass and tits despite my brattiness and reluctance. I call you a pervert, an ass sniffer and remind you of how dirty this whole thing is.
Next, you want more... but I didn't know that my big brother was so well endowed and you want anal?!
After we get it in, however, the whole game changes. Did you know that your bratty little sister is actually a slutty little cumwhore? As I start enjoying big brother's massive cock in my ass, I beg for your cum and you fill my pussy up, impregnating me.

Featuring: dirty talk, creampie, taboo, anal, ass to mouth, feet, ass to pussy, anal gaping, and much much more!

Use of name "Chris" throughout.


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