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Rite of Fire - Samhain Ceremony

You and your beloved one gather around the flaming campfire for the Samhain Ceremony. As you stare into the flames you give your honor to the life that was once and is now vanished and the life that will yet rise in the future. You listen to the crackling fire as you move closer together warming each other. Your eyes meet and you can feel the touch of her smooth lips on yours, the soft warmth of her breast and the moisture between her legs on your fingertips. The passion of the fire becomes yours and you bless each other with this gift of the gods. Her lips wanders down your body, exploring and pleasing your body as you do with hers. You lay her down next to the warm fire and loose yourself in the depth of her emerald green eyes as you penetrate her deeper and deeper and bless her with your fertile semen to bring new life in this world. SOLO FEMALE ORGASM | ORGASM FACE | TITFUCK | ATMOSPHERIC | BEAUTIFUL AGONY | PAGAN | GINGER | REDHEAD | BBW | BIG TITS | CLOSEUP | BLOWJOB | EYE CONTACT | EYE FETISH | GREEN EYES | COSPLAY | RITUAL


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