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True Confession: What My Uncle Did to Me

In this true and harrowing confession, I tell you guys about my uncle and how he did things to me growing up.

My Uncle has very dirty hands. He always has. It began when he would come to visit us growing up. He would always hug for me too long and put his hands all over my body. It started off slow with light touches and casual touches.

But my uncle only got dirtier as time went on. He would corner me alone sometimes. And rub his hands all over my body. I didn’t like it. I tried to tell my mom and dad, but they didn’t believe me. They just said that was Uncle Leonard being Uncle Leonard. Mom and Dad said he was just very friendly.

But it wasn’t just him being friendly. It got even worse when Uncle Leonard lost his job and had to move in with us. He would rub his fingers all along my legs. He would stick his hands down my pants and touch my butt. He would pinch my nipples when no one was around.

Then Uncle Leonard started to rub my private girl parts. He would tell me that I had to be a good girl. A good niece for him. He would touch my most private areas and wouldn’t stop, even when I asked him to.

Watch this true confession as I recount my experience with my Uncle growing up and all the dirty, wrong, taboo things he did to me.

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