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Latex Preview Compilation

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photo of Luna MastersLuna Masters

3:19 | Added 6 months ago

This compilation includes these latex clad clips:

"Shiny Black Heels for Glossy Latex"
"Luna loves a good look and what looks better than glossy black latex with shiny patent heels?
Luna spends some time admiring the shoes, their fit and features, how they hug their heels and that little peep of high arches above the sides. Maybe, you would like a sniff? Maybe you would love to lick and suck Luna's sweaty toes? Luna teases you about these desires while sliding the shiny black heels on and off their highly arched size 7 feet."

"Let Go With Luna"
"Luna encourages you to come out of your shell and accept your weakness for dwelling on your perversions at all hours of the day and night. You may blush and cringe away from exposing your compulsion to masturbate but you shouldn't worry, you're safe with Luna. You can let go and give into those impulses you battle to restrain."

"Black Rubber Dress Ass Eating Tease"
"Luna knows what this scandalously short latex dress does to you. As Luna teases you about your helpless staring, they note the dress riding up, flashing bush and ass. It makes you think, what wouldn't you do to get a face full? Luna knows this too, and begins to tease you about the what ifs, knowing you're desperate to be worthy of being Luna's seat, let alone be allowed to tongue Luna's ass."


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