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First Lesson From Friend's Mom

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Oh hey! My son isn't home right now! He just went to practice. Did you have to walk far? You did? Okay. Well come on in, You can keep me company until he gets home. I was just in my bedroom cleaning some things. Why don't you come on back?

Oh! Silly me-- is that my vibrator? I'm so embarrassed! Don't tell anyone you saw that!.... what do you mean? You don't know what this is? It's for... you know... masturbation!

Wait... WAIT! You've never masturbated? You... you don't know how? Listen, sweetie... I know I probably shouldn't do this, but I'll be more than happy to show you how to use that penis of yours. In fact, keep your eyes on me for a bit... we'll get it nice and hard. You're going to experience feelings you'll never forget!


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