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Chubby Step-Daughter Needs Experience

Hey...step-dad.... Mom just took my brother and sister to the Farmer's Market. I know you like to stay in bed on Saturdays, but I needed to talk to you. This is kind of important....

You see, there are these girls in my school... and, well... They're going around saying they get to fuck their step-dads. Now all the guys want to be with them because they supposedly have so much experience pleasing older men.

I know, this is inappropriate... but... I just wondered if... maybe... you'd let me... play with you? I mean-- I wouldn't tell mom! She'd never find out! I just want to have the same experience. I mean, I'm not the hottest girl in school. Having experience like this might boost my rep a little. I am chubby afterall.

I know you've been staring at my tits ever since they came in-- and now that I'm old enough... This really isn't a big deal. I mean, ever since my real dad left... and you've taken such good care of us.... I just wanted to repay you. Wouldn't you like that, daddy? You wouldn't have to do anything. I'd do all the work. That way you're not to blame. Just let me ride you. I know you'll like it daddy


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