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I want to Fart on you

"I basically want you role playing as my girlfriend flirtingly telling me about how much you're going to fart on me tonight. I want you to talk about how much you've eaten today and how you cant wait to fart for me. I'd like you to talk about how since we've started dating you've become so much gassier from my cooking and how much you love farting around me, sitting on my face and letting it rip etc etc. I want you to improvise, but basically the tone as more sweet and flirtatious. All while belching throughout the video, you can talk about how much you like doing that too.

I also don't really want you to talk about the smell, but more so how big and loud they are."

Some phrases I like:

"I'm so gassy, I feel like a balloon"
"I really have to fart"
"I want to sit on your face and fart all over it"
"I've been farting like a pig all day long"


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