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Gassy Blackmail

"You're playing a woman being blackmailed into gaining weight and being gassy. I want you to complain about how much having to eat five meals of fast food is ruining your figure and making you so fat and gassy.

I want you to burp constantly throughout the video, and I want you to seem like you're embarrassed and hate burping this much.

I want the focus though mostly to be on how much you're farting, but also talk about how fat you are getting, and be sure to mention accidentally farting in public.

Basically you're pleading with me to stop blackmailing you and making you so big and gassy.

Phrases I like

"I can't stop farting"
"I feel like a balloon"
"I'm blowing up"
"I'm so gassy"
"I'm becoming such a fat ass"

Also feel free to improvise too. The most important things is to act distressed, and when you burp act like you're embarrassed and don't want to do it.

Also outfit wise, if you could wear leggings and a shirt that's too small for you that would be amazing."


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