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Eaten by a Giantess

"You are a giantess who has found a tiny human girl sneaking around your apartment. You spend the
video trying to persuade the viewer to let you eat them up. You use all your charm and seduction
to make it sound like a good idea to them and you sound very convincing. You maintain your politeness
and decorum throughout the video and smile a lot at the viewer to let them know you're not so bad

The main part of the video would be you showing the viewer your mouth and tongue. The lighting would be good enough that even the inside of your mouth would be clearly visible. The visual aspect would form the majority of the scene but would be punctuated by the lines. The wider you are able to open your mouth and the further you can extend your tongue the better. Also, lots of slow lip licking and slow tongue wiggling where appropriate would also be nice.

At the end of the video, you have finally persuaded the viewer to be swallowed so you open one last time and move your mouth towards the camera lens until it completely covers it and then make a loud gulping sound and an "Mmmmm. Yummy. thank you so much!" Lick your lips one last time and perhaps pat your tummy and describe how the viewer feels inside of you."


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