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Bound and Gagged

"You would be dressed in only bra on your upper body, jeans which have been rolled up to your knees and bare feet with your toes painted a dark color.

You would have your thighs, knees and ankles tied together as well as all ten of your toes tied up as well. You would also be gagged.

In terms of the script itself, at the beginning of the video you could have something like a pillowcase over your head (like a hood), but you would soon manage to shake it off and then notice you are being filmed. You would then struggle hard and make lots of noise through your gag and then struggle
to get your toes untied. You would eventually get your toes untied and then use them to dial your phone (nearby) before growling angrily at the camera and struggling out of shot.

The key thing really is the intensity of the struggling and grunting/growling through your gag."


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