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Dumb Girl Gets Bukake

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CW: Coercion. Wow! I've never been invited to a party before! Of course I'll come! ~ Wylie is very excited upon arriving to the party, wearing nothing but her swimsuit and a towel, especially when multiple popular guys greet her at the door. Things begin to change when the boys tell her that her swimsuit isn't cool enough, so she quickly changes into the "cooler" suit. Embarrassed, she shows off to the small crowd gathering, hopeful that she'll get to join the rest if she complies. One thing leads to another, and her only option to join the popular group is to jerk off all 5 guys and let them cum all over her. But that wasn't enough, because the leader of the pack told her that all the popular girls let them cum on their assholes. ~ will Wylie get to join the party, or was it all a ruse to make her crawl home a cummy mess? Find out!


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