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Miss Rose Fucks Vinnie the IT Guy to Save Her Job!

Knowing she has a long day of conferences ahead of her while at the convention for work, Miss Rose decides to take a few moments in her room to relax and "let off some steam". She opens some free porn on her company laptop, and just when the video starts getting good, the screen goes black! The free porn site gave her a virus and messed up her screen! Knowing she needs her laptop for the meeting later, she knows she has no choice but to call Vinnie the IT Guy who is staying down the hall to try and save her from this mess.

When Vinnie gets there, he figures out pretty quickly what she was doing to mess up her screen, and sees some of her special toys she brought with her laying around. Realizing there might be more than one problem he can help fix, he gets an idea from the handcuffs and the whips he sees on the couch and handcuffs her and brings her to the bed of the hotel room. He bends her over and makes sure to give her a good spanking before playing with and eating out her wet and dripping pussy. She gets down on her knees as he undresses and sucks his straining cock. After undressing her, he plays with her pussy some more before giving her a light whipping and then lays down on the bed and has her thoroughly suck his cock before he flips her onto her back and gives her a deep pounding. He decides to come in her, despite her protests that she can't becasue she could get pregnant, and convinces her he deserves to feel good since he is helping to save her job by fixing her laptop for her and not reporting it. He leaves a huge load in her tight pussy and makes her push it out so he can see it.


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