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Mesmerized by House of Hedge - Part II

Visit House of Hedge for Part I: twitter.com/HouseHedge | In Part II of Lettie Lith's re-programming, HH continues to remove all dominant impulses from her mind. Taking her even deeper, she continues to become his doll- existing only to serve. She recites mantras, acknowledging HH as her Owner and God, prostrating herself before him. As the corruption spreads, she is taught how to bring this bliss to others, drawing them in to her newfound cause. Finally, Lettie is told that she will be bred, orgasming on command while her Owner describes his hot cum filling her TAGS: mesmerize, mindfuck, mind fuck, mindwash, mind wash, submission, submissive, dollification, objectification, breeding, dirty talk, corrupt, corrupted, worship, eyeroll, eyerolls, eyelid flickering


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