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Rope Kitten

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I can be quite distracting and unruly when in kitten space. If I'm being too much of a naughty kitty then my Owner has to tie me up in rope bondage just to keep me in place. Doesn't mean I still don't have my fun while he binds me ;)

He starts me off with a Kinbaku chest harness called takate kote (aka TK or box tie) and when he is done, i swivel around and my face instantly goes into his crotch! Kitten clearly is deep in subspace and hungry for cock! After using my mouth for a while, he then uses a futomomo tie on each of my legs. He then pleasures me with his hands, rubbing my clit and giving my pussy playful slaps, and torments me with clover clamps on my nipples and pussy lips. I can handle nipple play all day, but the pussy clamps are particularly intense and the gentle fingering that follows is more than welcome! Oh and there's also a fuck ton of dick sucking and deepthroating, and sex with his cock and my tail plug filling me up at the same time, and he cums in my mouth at the end! This is an authentic unscripted amateur sex video of Master and me doing our thing, having genuine love-filled kinky sex! It was the first time I attempted to make a video like this so a lot of the dirty talk is very quiet and we do sometimes lose our groove in trying to make sure the action is all still visible. Remember the amateur part! Easily this has been my favorite video to film, edit, watch myself, and share with everyone!



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