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Dinner Date Part 1: spit play entree

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Originally a custom fulfilled on Mygirlfund (hence the watermark).
you and I are at a fancy restaurant on a dinner date. I enjoy some soup while telling you about my love of lipstick. Unfortunately I get a bit of it smeared and need to excuse myself to the bathroom. 0.0
Once I'm in the ladies room I attempt to reapply my lipstick, but I mess up again and get it on my dress! guess that means I'll have to take it off... ya know, to avoid any more stains and wash it off.
I remove the dress revealing the black lacey lingerie set that I wore just for you on this special night, and I get right into a tease show with lots of spit play and drooling all over my body. Places like down my cleavage and onto my thighs and ass, and I rub it all in making my skin good and shiny. I talk about how I used to stuff my bra and I show you how flexible I am by licking my stockings and propping my leg up while I play with myself.

Once we finish I reapply my lipstick and ask if you can help clean up the mess I made. Perhaps that can be the "dessert"... Or perhaps I have something sweeter in mind ;)
Part 2 will be released soon!


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