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Femme Domme Hookup w/Kerri LaBouche

When cute femme Lily returns from slipping into something more comfortable she realizes that sexy domme Kerri has a very different aesthetic - with Lily wearing a filmy little babydoll and Kerri clad in intense leather and satin - but this doesn't stop the two from forging a very intense connection.

The chemistry is palpable as they make out passionately before Kerri lets Lily go down on her - something Lily clearly enjoys - and returns the favor by running her seductively gloved hands all over Lily's soft, needy body before rubbing her to an intense orgasm with a satin-clad finger tucked in her mouth to keep her quiet.

These two are a study in contrasts, but when opposites attract it's a hell of an intense reaction.

Feat. Kerri LaBouche


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