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Wife has eye rolling orgasm while riding

Not wanting to get to the fun just too fast, I decide I'll give Bear a show with my fingers taking control of lubing her up for him.

Even after a show, a moan, a yelp, an ass bend, begging him to come closer. After all of that, a girl still has to ask, "Would you please take me now, after I have already come, please?" And does he take me, splitting me open back to front, with my moaning becoming faster, louder, and continuously feel a flow of splooshing, splooshing away, while simultaneously craving more? Back, front; it's not enough... I want to feel how she grinds on top of him, I want to feel how my tits slap against each other, how he presses me down while my body wiggles, my eyes roll back and my pussy releases a full flood of cum.

Leaving us all released and happily satisfied.


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