Peach Panties Pee

photo of Layla Rae
Layla Rae
2:49 | Added 3 months ago

My bladder was so close to bursting when I went to film this I was worried I would have an accident while trying to set up the camera! Luckily though, I made it. In this clip I start by rubbing my clit over my panties and then letting out a little spurt. Finally letting go feels so good but I want to savor the feeling so I quickly stop myself. I pull my panties in between my pussy lips and tug on them to stimulate my clit before I allow myself to let out another, slightly longer spurt. I readjust my panties again so I can fully see the pee soaking my peach panties. My absolute favorite part of wetting is seeing the fabric slowly get darker, the wet pee spreading further through the fabric. I didn't want to miss it. The darkness seductively creeps up the front of my panties until finally my pee spills out into the tub. I enjoy the feeling of release for a few more moments before I can't stop myself from rubbing my pussy over my panties, spreading the pee even further up my panties. At this point my panties are so translucent that you can see the outline of my clit. I let out one last gush and then enjoy my pissy panties.