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public beach fantasy

by LanaTy

71 Photos | Added 1 year ago

Can you imagine me getting caught by some older, pervy stranger watching and admiring from afar before approaching me alone on the beach, knowing how much I'd obviously enjoy some special personal attention. You decide to approach me after I meet your gaze. I adjust my top to conceal my breasts, embarrassed to be caught by a strange man. You ask me if I'd like some company so I invite you to sit down under my umbrella with me. I can see your cock growing in your shorts and I smile as I notice it, wondering what your exact motives are for sitting with me. The straps of my bikini top slip off my shoulders and you see my perky tits spill out, revealing just a little bit of my nipples before they slip completely out, your cock twitching at the sight of my bare breasts. You can't hold back now. My tits are exposed and look so soft and supple in the sunshine, my warm skin glowing against the ocean and the sand. You reach out and without a word, you are feeling up my swelling tits. Your grip is firm and confident. I groan a bit, enjoying being fondled on the beach by someone I'd never seen before. You can see how much I'm loving you squeeze and grope me so you tug on my soft nipples. I lay back, submitting to your touch, allowing you to touch me as you please... you notice me give in and you don't hesitate to take advantage. You pull your cock out of your shorts for me and I open my mouth wide, as if to say "yes, please," without saying anything out loud. I embrace your cock with my mouth, letting it get wet so you can fuck my tight throat, making me slobber and gag on you while you use your fingers to toy with my pussy. You are loving the scenario you've found yourself in, on the public beach, balls deep down a pretty girl's throat whose name you don't even know and she's getting wetter and wetter as you use her mouth to masturbate for anyone to walk by and see. You lean in to take a wiff of my slippery wet cunt and you can't resist taking a lick. You love the way I taste and I love the way your mouth feels on me. You don't bother to warn me as you suddenly spew a thick load of cum down my throat, pulling out so that your mess spills all over my lips and letting the excess seed spill on my naked tits.

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