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You know I'll never fuck you in general. But you specifically want Me to state that it's because of your tiny penis. Cool! Can do. Love that SHADOW WORK. But I'm going DEEPER. You're gonna find out EXACTLY why you're so ashamed of your small penis and how much I despise your pathetic level of self hatred. You'll also watch Empress Krystalline compare your tiny penis to My Lemurian Quartz: like, how is that this TINY crystal holds MORE power and aligned energy than you? Oh you'll find out why... You'll watch as I encourage you to stroke your little dick while comparing your tiny thing to My BBC dildo too... C'mon, we ALL know you're obsessed with BBC. It's BIG, DARK, YIN energy that you crave. You'll stroke as I ask you how bad you want My BBC in your mouth and in your ass until I give you a cum countdown. CUM INTO ALIGNMENT, loser. - This vid can be enjoyed by all genders who have small phallic genitalia, but let's face it, a lot of you are white slaves with tiny penises eyeing this vid lol. This'll definitely fit your BNWO niche, if you were wondering.

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