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Uber Driver's Dream Cum True Full Series

Uber Driver's Dream Cum True- Parts 1, 2, and 3. Part 1: The Ride. What starts out as a normal Uber ride quickly takes a turn when Kacie takes her bra off and starts playing with her gigantic titties in the back seat! Before long, she's sucking on her nipples, flashing innocent passersby, and bouncing them so hard she's smacking herself in the face! We're almost there now, you wanna come inside? Part 2: The Pain. Thank you so much for that wild ride home! Now that I've got you in my house, I want to show you what really turns me on - Hurting my tits! I like to slap them around and twist my nipples really hard to start, then I jump up and down so hard my titties slap me in the face with so much momentum they almost knock me out! Now comes the real fun, slamming them into the table and dropping heavy things right on my nips... a small waterbottle, a bigger, frozen waterbottle, all the way up to a full bottle of Listerine. After all that, you can see the bruises starting to form, but I want MORE so I start pounding my poor boobs and nippies with a full on framing hammer. OUCH! Holy fuck they hurt so bad! Do you think I could tittyfuck you to make them feel better? Lie back and get that cock out... Part 3: The Tittyfuck! Now that my big boobs have been beaten and battered so belligerently that they're bruising badly, and since I almost tore my nipple off smashing it with a hammer, the only thing that can make them feel better is my Uber driver's Uber cock between them! Using only my giant wounded titties, my hands, and my mouth, I want to squeeze all the cum out of you until you've been fully squozen and my bruised up boobies are slathered in your manbutter! This was fun... I hope I get you next time I order a ride ;) 5 STARS!!!


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