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#20-33 Asian Teen Hottie Gets Fucked

Hello Everyone! I'm VERY sorry about the delay in posting anything! I've been severely preoccupied with a bunch of other bullshit I've had to deal with. I do all of my own editing so I simply haven't had time to handle it properly. I WILL be editing full time for the next 3 to 4 months though. I should have a ton of new content coming out on a regular basis. That being said, this video here was shot a few months ago and it's very good! The video IS a facial, so if you're looking for a creampie video this is sadly not one of those. I tried... it wasn't happening. I have a few more videos left to edit from this model (#20-20, #20-21, and #20-34) and they will be coming soon. I have about 250 photos that I took (screen grabs) as I edited that I will give away for free if you would like them, just send me your email in a direct message after you purchase. The UnCuts are also available if you'd rather buy that set than just the edited version. The edited version comes with the UnCut bundle, it's included! Here's the link: www.manyvids.com/Video/2579974/20-33-UC-Asian-Teen-9-Cams-4hrs-45mins/ Also.. keep in mind, my OnlyFans is still just $9.99 a month and I have a LOT more content up there than ever before. The full list of content can be found (with links to the exact videos on OnlyFans) at www.OnlyFansVideoList.com


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