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Very Embarrassed Naked Girl in Streets

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I end up barefoot and naked in middle of town running and hiding in the streets! Story: You are dressed very nicely, talking about a special plan you have to win some money. You are going to an invitation only card game in an upscale neighborhood. You plan on hustling them; tricking them into betting more than usual, then revealing your true skills and taking all their money. You are very confident, BUT...
We next see you completely naked on the street: no clothes or shoes! You have obviously lost everything at the game! You were caught cheating and the crowd decided to teach you a lesson by stripping you and taking your belongings, including your phone and car keys... You try frantically to open the car door, hoping that maybe you left it open, but no, it's locked! We see you hurrying and hiding as you wander the streets - naked, desperate and terrified of being seen. You are constantly trying to cover your body with your hands, frustrated that no matteir what you do, you are still exposed. You are trying to keep from crying, and we can hear you worrying and wishing you hadn't gone to the game. You are ashamed at being caught, and your face reveals your humiliation at being nude in public. 4K UHD Hd version available. ENF Embarrassed naked female


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