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Pantsing vid 22: waterpark

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photo of IviRosesIviRoses

17:15 | Added 3 years ago

Pantsed wearing bikini in waterpark! What a day: my friend keeps embarrassing me in the waterpark! At first, he unties my bikini in the green areas and takes it with him and leaves me bottomless hiding the best I can. Then, he takes advantage when I´m carrying my floater, and my hands are occupied, to untie my bikini and show my ass and pussy to the whole park! How embarrassing - I have to put the floater down to the ground to tie up my bikini bottoms again! My ass is too cute to hide... Even in when I´m floating in one of the attractions my friends decides to untie my bikini bottoms - I end up falling off my floater in the pool, with my bikini untied, nervious and embarrassed!!


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