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Pantsing 24: pantsed til naked

photo of IviRosesIviRoses

11:25 | Added 2 years ago

Pantsing vid number 24 with large sized sport shorts. Pantsed inside a public decoration store. I get pantsed many times, and my shirt pulled up, to show my tits. My pantser is so into showing my naked body to the whole store and embarrassing me, he pranks me: pulls up my shirt, with my hand stuck inside the shirt, and then pulls down my pants! After the store, in the street, he decides to embarrass me even more, pantsing me, pulling my clothes off me and running away with them, leaving my totally naked in public! Car drive by and I only have my purse to try to hide my boob, pussy and ass hanging out! But of course my pantser gets even my purse away from me, and teases me before giving my clothes back!


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